Um. You realize there were presidents before Obama, right?

You realize that the greatest economic collapse happened under his predecessor, who was a Republican, right?

You realize that, objectively speaking, Obama inherited an utter mess, and played a large part in lifting the country out of that mess, right? Perhaps it wasn’ta miracle – perhaps it could have been better – but either way, you’re occurrin ignoring some important context to. duplicitously support your agenda.

Also I’m not sure if you realize it – certainly Trump himself doesn’t realize it – but there are midterm elections coming in a year and a half, followed by presidential elections in 2020. Both of which mean that the current conservative power grip is far, far from permanent. Chances are, there will probably be liberals in power in the near future. You can cry about it, or you can, ya know, start paying attention to actual policies rather than championing a political party like a sports team and continue to perpetuate the damaging partisan divides.

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Writer of fiction, article, songs, and more. Enjoys quantum physics, Oxford Commas, & romantic clichés, esp. when they involve whiskey. HATES Journey.

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