TRUE BELIEVERS: Chapter 5 — Questions and Questings

Thom Dunn
9 min readApr 5, 2020

True Believers is a full-length novel by Thom Dunn, based on his play of the same name. It’s a satirical tale of star-crossed lovers, aspiring comic book creators, crazed fanboys, cybernetically enhanced humans, women in refrigerators, real-life superheroes, and girls who dress like Slave Leia as their lives intertwine over a whirlwind weekend at a comic book convention in the early 2010s.

The book will be serialized on Medium throughout the month of April 2020. Here is the first chapter. Check back every day for more chapters!

The Tiefling carves swathes in the hedges on the outskirts of Bailebeagford, the gnarled curves of his demon-possessed saber slicing cleanly through the greenery. With each fell swing he proves his mastery over his domain, banning the plants to a momentary purgatory before their pixels trickle back onto the screen like a burst of magic powder. When the bushes return from that digital abyss, they appear to remain unscathed — until his sword sends them away once more.

xKansasGirlx: “Please don’t be mad?”

ReturnOfTheTEDi: “Whenever someone starts a conversation like that, it usually means there’s a reason to be mad.”

The Tiefling continues his campaign of digital destruction waged upon the unkempt fields of animated brush, his back to the half-elf female paladin to whom he speaks. For he need not see the visage of her avatar in order to admire the analog beauty she possesses through the broadband lines. With his omniscient view from overhead, the Tiefling is both able to wreak chaos on the landscape and still keep one eye on his maiden fair.

xKansasGirlx: “Teddy, please. Can you put your sword away? I’m trying to have a conversation and I know you get distracted when you’re mashing buttons or messing with the NPCs.”

ReturnOfTheTEDi: “These glitchy shrubs have more personality than half the townsfolk anyway.”

The Tiefling sheathes his mighty blade in the hilt that hangs from one of his many-buckled belts, which he himself had forged from orc hides in a previous campaign. He turns to face the angelic Paladin with the Breton crest upon her armored breast who sweetly claims the ownership of his half-demonic heart.



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