There is in fact evidence to suggest this is true. It’s not cut-and-dry, because that’s the way election interference works — as anyone with knowledge of standard Russian (or anyone, really) espionage practices can attest.

Do you not see the irony in your words here, and your continued insistence on convicting Clinton and Obama without charges, or even proof of crimes?

Furthermore, I never said that Flynn, or any of these individuals, were criminals, nor did I insist that anyone of them have been charged. Your rhetorical argument is based on a demonstrably false strawman.

What I did say was: it is known that Flynn obscured information and acted unethically, possibly in violation of oaths and/or legal contracts. He is not the only Trump-connected person to be compromised this way either. Here is a quick rundown of things the FBI was aware of as early as last summer:

That Michael Flynn was possibly up to something; that Paul Manafort was knee-deep in questionable dealings, too; that Trump’s lawyers have concerning Russian ties; that there’s a Russian mob hideout sitting right in Trump Tower that you’ve been casually spying on for years; that Trump’s largest campaign sponsor has been cozying up to Russia, too; that Trump himself has financial ties to Russia, and that his son-in-law has been chatting with them under questionable circumstances; that there’s something going on with the shell companies around Rosneft and the Russian oil industry ; and that Vladimir Putin is a famously vicious spymaster with a raging hate-boner against America in general, and the Clintons in particular.

Some of these individual instances are probably excusable, and possibly not illegal even if they’re shady. The combination of them all is worth an investigation — just as Clinton things were investigated.

I’m not going to refute every point you make, because I don’t have to defend the strawmen you prop up. But my overarching point remains: the legal process takes time, and there is absolutely reason to investigate. We’ll see whether charges are filed—whether they are or not, I think the issue deserves due diligence. It’s that simple.

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