My dude, that is quite literally prejudice. That’s how institutionalized racism works. There is no valid objective reason to make such assumptions – yet even you yourself acknowledge that it happens. And you wonder why communities are skeptical of them? Respect is a two-way street.

Demanding that someone yield to your Authority under threat of violence is not respect; it is textbook authoritarianism. Calling coercive violence a necessary tool in a cop’s repertoire, without which “the system” would fall apart, is essentially acknowledging that the system is tyrannical. You can say all you want that people “should” act a certain way, but that just makes you complicit in a violent, unjust, and unequal system.

I have family who work in corrections, and I have done work in that field as well. But I also have a 110-pound white wife who was once brutally grabbed by a cop because she didn’t know he was calling after her for walking home at night. Her grabbed her so hard it bruised her arm. She flipped out, because she had been assaulted. So he threw her against the car and arrested her for assault and battery. If her dad was not a lawyer, there’s a good chance she would be in prison right now – because a cop assaulted her first. Guess who still has his job, too?

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