“Liberals have already turned him into a white supremacist, racist, Hitlerian, mean, evil, satanist (did I miss something?) I realize it is hard to imagine he is innocent but let’s try.”

WOW dude, you’re reading a LOT into supposedly-“liberal” perspectives on Flynn in those first few paragraphs…without any actual evidence to support any of it.

Do you not see the irony in whinging about propaganda, while willfully ignoring the actual timeline of an FBI investigation and subsequent potential legal process? Yes, it is true that Flynn has not been charged with a crime—to date. That’s because these kinds of investigations take years.

C’mon, man; don’t be obtuse.

You also seem to be conflating “public opinion” with “actual legal process” — which, that’s why we have a legal system that doesn’t just rely on popularity. That’s also why the FBI does not openly release all of their evidence and other information to the public before making charges and/or going to trial.

And THEN to slander Clinton with the exact same lack-of-argument for which you just defended Flynn? You’re not even trying to pretend to be a rational human being acting in pursuit of truth and justice, are you?

Not only that, but you willfully ignore the reality of “Clinton’s Uranium Sales,” even though your argument itself posits that Flynn and Clinton did the exact same thing—the only difference being that you really don’t like Clinton.

I’m astonished that you would then have the gall to blatantly lie to your readers and claim that Flynn only “spoke” with Russian operatives, not that he was paid millions of dollars by the Russian government which he failed to disclose.

But to top it all off: you quote from Wikipedia.

These are all lies, propaganda, and logical fallacies that exist just within your lengthy preamble—before you even get to the bulk of your liberal-bashing argument!

Who’s the brainless idiot robot here?

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Writer of fiction, article, songs, and more. Enjoys quantum physics, Oxford Commas, & romantic clichés, esp. when they involve whiskey. HATES Journey.

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