His life certainly wasn’t destroyed as much as Trayvon’s was!

By the way: it’s ironic that you would accuse me (without evidence) of wanting to forego due process rights, then linked to an article full of unsourced claims about Martin’s alleged behavior, none of which would have been relevant to the situation even if it were true – because of due process.

You assume I want cops to keep all guns with unchecked power. You assume I want the government to round guns up and rob people of their rights. None of these assumptions are supported in the words I wrote, and I’ll flat out tell you: they’re flat out wrong. You are projecting all your hatred of Nancy Pelosi or whoever onto me, which is foolish, baseless, and again, not conducive to a conversation.

This began with me criticizing the NRA’s claim about conceal carriers being more lawful than other citizens. This criticism remains, and you did not nothing to address it. Instead, you doubled down on your FEELINGS, without supporting evidence, that all conceal-carry permit holders follow all laws at all times. That still does not account for laws broken without consequences or without being caught; and offers no comparative rate for the criminality of other citizens. Thus, it’s meaningless.

The simple truth is that there are exploitable holes within our existing justice system. I’m a marginalized person with a gun License in one of the strictest places in the country, and have professionally spoken on the subject across the world. I assure you: there are flaws, I have seen them, and they can be addressed without infringing on other civil liberties or giving the State a monopoly on violence.

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Writer of fiction, article, songs, and more. Enjoys quantum physics, Oxford Commas, & romantic clichés, esp. when they involve whiskey. HATES Journey.

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