Almost all of these young men grow up in households without a father. Their mothers are ill-equipped to teach them how to be men, so they solve their longing for male mentorship in… you’ve got it… gangs. What you term as “toxic” masculinity is actually a lack of real masculinity.

Social workers (who are mostly female) are not going to touch this, and giving them enough money to fill an ocean liner will not help.

Do you have a source for that claim? ’Cause I’ve tried to find the proof to back it, and I can’t. Does it happen? Absolutely. But sometimes present father figures can push their kids to violence, too.

I also know plenty of men in social work, and I think that increasing the amount of men in social work positions could certainly help.

This is the contract we have made with the state. They set up laws, and if someone infringes on our rights, they are arrested and tried.

“Arrested and tried” is not necessarily state violence. Execution without trial is absolutely state violence. As is torture, as are threats. Using the threat of violence as a means of coercion is a sure sign of tyranny, and as it stands, there is far too much police violence in our country against people who are not infringing on the rights of others.

I haven’t gotten to this point yet. There are a few simple rules to prevent you from being subject to police violence. Chris Rock outlines them here.

I bet that 90% of the police brutality cases can be attributed to violation of one or more of these rules.

You can “bet” that, but you would be incorrect, and I’m happy to share some sources with you on that. You can start by googling Philando Castile. In many cases, officers approach with hostility and verbal abuse, antagonizing their soon-to-be-victims until they do talk back, which the cops use to justify more violence. That is what I mean when I talk about coercive state violence, and it is absolutely tyrannical.

I also think you missed the fact that things like “Get a white friend” point to the inherent racism of such encounters—as evidenced by the fact that Chris Rock continues to get pulled over for no reason.

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