Instead of posturing behind women and grossly pandering to [people with uteruses] … why not lead the debate about the role of morality in sexuality? Such as the duty of a man to be faithful, committed, respectful, responsible etc?

Because those are two different conversations, and this is the one I’m having right now. The role of a father in raising a child has nothing to do with the medical and financial risks of physically carrying a growing fetus, potentially to term. Furthermore, there are plenty of people in this world who were raised by two women (for example), without a “father” figure as it were, and turned out just fine.

One can both support abortion rights, and also believe that parents in general should be active in the lives of their children. The two are not mutually exclusive, but neither are they the same conversation at all. The mere promise that a father or adjacent parental figure might be present in the life of a potential child is not itself enough to eliminate the need for abortion access. You can ask my own dad, who desperately wanted a son, and was still there when my mother had an unviable pregnancy that tragically had to be terminated. (and whose own dad, BTW, was technically “present” in his life, and also left him with some serious psychological damage)

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